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In-home Vaccine

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Join Frankie and Friends in this interactive story to learn how to stay calm and relaxed when getting a vaccine.
Watch a relaxing video with Frankie & Friends in the forest.
Take deep breaths to calm your mind and body in this breathing exercise.
Printable schedule to check off the steps to getting a shot.


Want to know why it’s important to get vaccinated? Check out these 3 critical reasons.
Think you know your vaccines? Give this trivia game a go!
Follow along with this calm breathing video to relax before, during, or after a doctor visit.
Learn the steps to getting a vaccine and tips to help deal with side effects in this short story.


Help your child before, during, and after getting their shot with this Tip Sheet.
Unsure which vaccines your child needs? Check out this list for 0-6 year olds.
Why are vaccines so important for keeping kids healthy? Watch interviews with doctors from Rush University to learn more.
Making the decision to vaccinate your child can be challenging. Check out this fact sheet for more info on common vaccines.


Make your vaccine clinic sensory friendly with this guide for hospitals and clinics.
Sign up for a free 30 minute training on best practices for creating a sensory-friendly and neuro-affirming clinic.
Even well visits can be stressful for parents trying to decide if and when to vaccinate their child. Here are some tips for handling those conversations.
Print out this picture choice board to help young patients make decisions about getting a shot.


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